Santimen pou wou

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Santimen pou wou · Rodrigue Milien

Les meilleurs boléros d’Haïti, vol. 4


Released on: 2012-05-28

Author: Rodrigue Milien
Composer: Rodrigue Milien
Music Publisher: D.R

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27 thoughts on “Santimen pou wou

  1. I was born in Argentina and raised in Miami. There's a pretty big Haitian community and presence here in Miami. As well as Hispanic and Black, not many Caucasians.
    So I've heard creo more than enough to understand a few words.
    I've also met many Brazilians in my life and although I know creo is similar to French, it sounds a little lile Portuguese to me.
    Anywho, I was driving home one weird slow summer Sunday night.
    Late in the AM, I was scrolling the dials and left it on the Haitian station for a few mins. Then this song comes on. I immediately loved it and shazamed it. I got lost in it and it felt like it had ended because more than 10 mins had gone by. But intrigued by the song, instruments, beautiful voice and language. I had to shazam it again. I figured it was the same artist but wanted to make sure if it was the same song.
    It's incredible. I know they've always said that French is the language of love, but I always disagreed. Until I heard this song. I have no idea what he is saying but I feel through the pain, the struggle and the acceptance of life. Sounds like an unbelievable love story here he will never give up and forever love endlessly with all his heart.
    I feel the devotion.
    I recently found out that I am 22% French so now I would like to learn French and Creo.
    Much respect and love.
    30's guy

  2. Pi bel moment ki genyen
    Se le'w wè 2 moun renmen
    Yo fe yon ti faché,
    Yo vin reconciliè….
    This has to be one of the realest and most beautiful song ever written.
    Peace to whoever is listening to this in 2020.
    R.I.P Mononc Joseph Belamour
    Epi dats it!

  3. Dans les Années de 1969..Rodrigue et moi …Ste Trinité ..Les Lavelanet ..Firestone ..ciné Union …rue pavée..Il marchait avec sa guitare….rue mgr .guilloux et croisement rue des miracles ..Je lui avais demandé de me faire voir "maitre minuit" a sourit en me disant tu me demandes "trop" ..

  4. Respect. / honneur ,
    Santé. / courage .
    Mercis de l'ãme ,
    Au troubadour ,
    L'artiste , le poète ,
    Et aussi à la personne qui a sù perpé oeuvres.
    Vimont-laval-canada-an-deux-mille-20-et le-26-mai.

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